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Point of sale

qsr-deliivery-restaurant-POS-systemDesigned to track all the sale transaction during the day and can provide report of highest selling item and provideinsight for the trends in your business in order to help you maximize your purchases. This is recommended for business with sale transactions with customers.

Everyone benefits from Ambikatech, business owners,residential home or even personal tech support base on need and all prices are based on budget and needs. Our goal is to help in all ways we can regardingyour technology needs.

Coffee Shops

Ability to track different types of coffees and teas, ingredients, phone-in orders, time and attendance.

Offers customer loyalty and frequent diner plans to encourage customers to come back again – a popular program like “Buy 10 coffees, get the 11th free” has worked in numerous establishments.

Screens can be customized so you can place up to 200 items on one screen for faster order entry.

Selling gift cards is fast and easy—how does 10 seconds sound?—with no fees.

Digital signage allows the POS terminal to display new items, specials, promos and more ads on the terminal or on a TV in the restaurant.

Pizza & Delivery

Caller ID, mapping, extensive coupons and delivery/ dispatch integration.

Table layouts for dine-in customers.

Extensive carry-out and delivery customer database.

Total flexibility: multiple delivery zones and multiple pizza and bar price levels.

Table Service

Completely Configurable Screens allow your menu to be customized to maximize speed while offering control of all items sold.

Multi-Column Modifiers allow servers to see all ways to modify any entree or item on one screen. Makes order entry faster and more accurate.

Splitting Checks with Ambikatech is fast, easy, and accurate! You never have to leave your home menu, saving keystrokes and speed.

Modifiers are easy to add on after the items have been entered: touch the item, select the modifier, and insert it…easily!

Fingerprint Identification eliminates “buddy punching,” authorizes clocking in and out, as well as voids and other management functions. A Ambikatech innovation!

Moving tables or items to another check, transferring checks or combining checks are all standard with Ambikatech.

Fast Food & Quick Serve

Integration with Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) provides faster order fulfillment with viewing of order.

Video Display Units (VDUs), used primarily in quick service restaurants, allow food to be routed to a display instead of a kitchen printer, saving supplies and maintenance. Orders can be sorted and color-coded to make preparation easier for kitchen staff.

Customizable Screens allows menus to be placed on the entire screen, saving button depressions and making order entry faster.

Reporting for cashiers and management for shifts, day, week, month, etc.

Multiple Cash Drawers (up to 8) per terminal, allowing better controls for staff.

Employee Timekeeping and scheduling allow tighter controls for your labor dollars.

Bars & Night Clubs

Repeat Round allows a bartender to ring in the prior drink orders for another round with one keystroke.

Drink Recipes show the bartender how to make a drink and other instructions like glass or garnish. Recipes can be printed, and the item can be rung up right from within the recipe lookup.

Beer Club is a marketing program that allows you to link up to 200 different items (beer, wine, desserts, apps, etc.) to a “club.” Once all 200 items have been sold, the customer wins a coupon, discount, or gift card. Great for building customer loyalty and repeat visits!

One Touch Check Recall offers the ability to recall any open check with one keystroke. While other systems force you to use a “pickup check” key, Ambikatech allows you to display the checks on the screen for faster check recall.

Stadiums & Entertainment

Speed is essential for venues that are busy with a large number of terminals and need a POS system that can handle numerous transactions every hour.

Customized Screen Layouts allow you to design screens to suit each hospitality venue specifically.

Handheld devices allow for faster order entry, faster delivery time to the customers, and more accurate order taking.

Digital Displays showing the current menu pricing can be updated at any time, and the changes are made effective immediately.

We provide reliability and security with our top-notch, SQL Microsoft database.